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The CardanoVerse MetaBOWL Stadium

Learn all about the MetaBOWL Stadium, Stands, Seats Location, Events...,

  1. Stands, Tiers & Prices
  2. About SEATS NFTs
  3. Stadium Features
  4. Activities & Events

The MetaBOWL Stadium, inside The CardanoVerse, has more than 63,000 Seats and each one is owned buy a SEATS NFT. Here is all the information about the layout and structure of the stadium.

Here is an overview of the entire Stadium, there are 4 Lower Tiers and 4 Upper Tiers, so each "Stand" has 8 Tiers. The Stadium is made up of 16 Double width stands, 12 Single width stands and 4 corner stands, you will see below that each side has a colour and each stand has a Letter.

An example seat number is: Byron (Gold) Stand: A Tier: 3 Level: Lower Section: Left Row: 5 Seat: 8

Stadium Stands Seating Overview 1000x707


230321 MetaBOWL SEATS NFT Prices 1052x656

 Behind the seating tiers are 8 floors containing multiple activities and other entertainments, there are also additional facilities in the basement underground areas. Here is a single stand to show the general structure.

CardanoVerse MetaBOWL STADIUM Stand Double 8 Tiers


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By now you have seen all types of NFTs, these have been mainly decorative, such as playing cards, art or vouchers.

SEATS NFTs are different

Our SEATS NFTs are designed to be a “proof of ownership” mechanism and our NFTs come with multiple benefits within The CardanoVerse generally and in the MetaBOWL stadium in particular. Each NFT is linked to a single seat in the stadium, you will see the details in the metadata.

Benefits of SEATS NFTs

Here is an overview of the benefits you will receive if you purchase a SEATS NFT:


each SEATS NFT will give you voting power within the stadium relating to activities, events and improvements.

Citizen Activity Bonuses:

your voting power will be increased in relation to the time you spend within The CardanoVerse carrying out tasks, challenges or useful roles. This means that it not only increases your voting power by owning more SEATS NFTs but by being more involved on a regular basis you will have a secondary way of increasing your influence.

Profit Share:

we will be staging a wide range of events and activities within the MetaBOWL stadium, some of these will be free for the community and others will be only available by purchasing tickets, such as virtual concerts.

When we make a profit from an event you will receive a percentage profit share as an owner of a stadium seat.

First Choice:

as an owner of a SEATS NFT you will be given the first choice of new assets coming available within the MetaBOWL Stadium, you will be on a private notice list that will have advance information about upcoming NFT sales before the public are notified.

Special Opportunities:

each of our events will create potential VIP experiences such as taking part as a competitor or in the case of a virtual concert having your avatar meet with the star of the show to create a unique photo opportunity. Owners of SEATS NFTs will have a priority access to any of these opportunities.

CardanoVerse Assets:

we will be releasing a very wide range of assets within The CardanoVerse, as an owner of SEATS NFTs you will also be placed on a priority list and given advance notice of all new assets coming available before the public are notified.


as an existing member of our community we will also endeavour to create special discounts or bonuses for you when you are acquiring other assets within our virtual world.

Referral Fees:

we are setting up a system where you will be able to have a special link to refer new people to us, we will track those referrals and if those people purchase assets in The CardanoVerse you will receive a percentage fee for everything they buy.


One of the benefits of owning virtual assets is the hope that they will appreciate in value, we will be continually improving and expanding the Cortana verse and our expectation is that we will create a healthy secondary market where our virtual assets may be resold. This of course cannot be guaranteed but as we will be working with the community to continually improve and amend this project we expect that the quality will only get better overtime.


We will also give you unannounced bonuses and rewards.

NB: this is not financial advice or a prediction of future values.

In addition to all of the above we will continually look for ways to reward your citizenship in our virtual world and your ownership of our virtual assets.

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These are the items either built or that will be shortly completed within the MetaBOWL Stadium.


NFT Ticket hall/Reception


NFT Galleries


Shops with merchandising

Meeting Rooms

Sky Boxes (Public/Private)





Small Stadiums



Walk & Jump around


Indoor Yacht Show

Car Shows

Lazer battle & shooting range

Motor events


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Here is a listing of the activities & event types that we are planning to hold in the MetaBOWL Stadium.


F1 & ePrix

Motor cycle

Monster Trucks

Red Bull/Monster Demos

Nascar/Closed wheel










Snow & Ice


Ski Jumping




American Football




Various games on consoles & live in stadium




Film Premiers




Annual Events

Christmas & New Year

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