The CardanoVerse - Created in Fortnight

Below is a video that highlights key areas & activities found in our 3D Fortnite Island, you will find these inside the version of The CardanoVerse built in Fortnite®. See below the video for instructions about how to visit this 3D metaverse portal.

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The Parallel Development of The CardanoVerse

We have published a version of The CardanoVerse on the Fortnight platform, this gives the opportunity for the Epic Games community to meet with the Cardano Community. The first Island Hub Experience is called "Central City", we will continue to develop more hubs & experiences that will be linked by teleporters.

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Publishing "Created in Fortnite" is a good opportunity to demonstrate our concepts & abilities while giving the community the opportunityto test and comment on developments. There are also certain limitations within Fortnite, so in order to offer all the benefits of a blockchain based metaverse we have been developing a massive open world version of The CardanoVerse for more than a year.

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This page is to explain the parallel developments of The CardanoVerse

By now you will understand our innovative Browser Based 3D Metaverse Portals concept (Beta). We are also developing on other platforms.

Unreal Engine (UE) & Unreal Engine Fortnite (UEFN)

Over the last Year The CardanoVerse has been developed in Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) as a virtually unlimited "Open World", this was both challenging because UE5 was in development during this period through UE5.1 and now UE5.2 - Also publishing the Open World version requires 3rd party worldwide hosting.

Since March 2023 a version of Unreal Engine 5 was developed to create virtual worlds in Fortnite, the massively successful game, called Unreal Engine Fortnite (UEFN). This facilitated a vastly quicker publishing work flow. The main difference from the "Open World" concept is the UEFN requires multiple "Island Hubs" to make up the full ecosystem.

So we pivoted to the UEFN5.2 to create a "Proof of Concept" and experiment live to gain user feedback. In parallel we continue to build the UE Version that will mirror the UEFN version.

You can visit our first Island Hub in Fortnite The CardanoVerse Central City today! Free!

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